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Web site builder tools
If you can use the tools pictured above, you can build a website!
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All sites include the following:

  • Easy Editor works just like your favorite word processor! Supports Bold, Italic, Underline, Hyperlink, Font Colors, Font Styles, Bullet lists, create tables, upload images and more!
  • Theme Changing capability allows you to change the overall look of your site instantly and easily with just a click of your mouse. Choose from over 300 themes in a variety of styles and colors. Have full access to the html of the themes for advanced customizing, if preferred.
  • Search Engine Submission: Get your new website submitted to over 1000 search engines absolutely free!
  • Unlimited Support for your site and any future enhancements made to our software.
  • Hosting Plan: 500 megs of space and 6 gigs bandwidth. You can upgrade this at any time, if needed.
  • Training Guide: A complete online, step by step Training Guide to help you learn all aspects of managing your new website. Can't find the answer you need, that's ok. Our help desk is available 24/7 to assist you with all your needs.
  • Shopping Cart: You can customize your cart to accept PayPal, 2checkout or mailed in payments. Need a secure shopping cart for processing your own credit card numbers using your merchant account? No problem. We can assist with that also. Supports shipping and handling charges to your order subtotals. Supports image area for picture of products.
  • Banner Rotators: Includes two banner rotator systems. One at the top of your sites pages (below the template header) and one at the bottom. Allows you the ability to create new ad zones of any size to place in any page on your site. Earn additional income to your site by displaying ads here. Ads rotate automatically with each page view. Collect payments easily! Includes a Banner Creator for visitors who don't have an image to create one themselves or you can create it for them. This is great for affiliate ads or Googles AdWords program.
  • Search This Site: Allows visitors to easily find what they need and records search results for your review.
  • Photo Gallery: Easily upload photos to display in a gallery atmosphere. Fully customizable. Sorts images by categories.
  • Blog: Add a blog to your site.
  • Events Calendar: Advertise in-store or company events, meetings, special occasions and more! When an event is clicked on, more detailed info is shown about the event. Allows website visitors to submit events for your approval. Allows you to upload an image pertaining to the event.
  • Articles Section: Publish a series of articles or journal entries. Sort them by categories. Allows website visitors to submit articles, if desired.
  • Message Boards: Great for discussing different topics, gathering info and fostering a sense of community among your visitors. Allows you to add, edit and delete posts.
  • Polls: Collect votes on various issues. Poll results display in a bar graph. Each IP address is restricted to 1 vote. Closed polls are archived.
  • Classifieds: Allow website visitors to browse or add classified ads to this section. Offer it as a free or paid service. Supports automatic accounting and invoicing. Allows advertisers to upload an image of their item, and choose from add-on features such as attention grabber icons, bolding their ad title and more for additional income for your site. Easily add new classifieds categories and hold ads for approval, if desired.
  • Refer a Friend: Allows visitors to easily let their friends and family know they think your site is great!
  • Form Creator: Allows you to create various pages with forms such as a contact us or a feedback form.
  • Guestbook: A place for your visitors to share a little about themselves, where they are from and how they have enjoyed your site. the posts can be set to automatically publish or be held for admin review.
  • Private Messaging: Allow your website's registered users to send private messages to one another.
  • FAQs Page: Questions appear at the top and link to answers below. Admins can separate questions with headings (similar to categories). Questions at top become anchored to answers below when clicked.
  • Real Estate: An advanced real estate module for listings of homes/properties for sale in your area. Perfect for local Realtors or classifieds websites.  *This feature is available for an additional setup fee.
  • Auto Sales: An advanced auto sales module for listings of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc for sale in your area. Perfect or dealers or classifieds websites.  *This feature is available for an additional setup fee.