Theme Changing

This is where you can change the template design of your site to any one of our installed themes we offer. You can do this with just the click of your mouse.

Theme Changing

Over 100 Themes Change the entire look of your site instantly with our theme changing ability. Choose from over 250 layouts. Change it back anytime you like. Dress it up for a holiday, give your visitors a fresh new site each week if you wish.

Webmasters with HTML experience are also granted access to the HTML of each theme to further customize and personalize their website to meet their needs. This is perfect for those who already ahve strong HTML ability.

NO HTML knowledge is needed. With Simple Template, you can use the our easy WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing utility. If you can use a word processor program, you can run this website! We make it easy to insert Here you can changing the current template to any of our pre-formatted themes at anytime or you can access the HTML if you wish to change any aspect of the current theme.

You can view our template choices here. Also easily change all font styles, colors, and more using the Fonts and COlors setting. Change your Logo (Company Name) with our easy Logo Creator!

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