Banner Rotators

Offer two banner rotators to your website! Banners can be purchased or offered as a free service. You can set seperate pricing for the top or bottom banner rotators. With each page view of your site, a new banner image will be displayed. Add as many images as you wish! Banners will be displayed throughout your entire site! See the simple settings below that allow you to control all aspects of the banner system.

General Settings

Display banners: 
Do not enable this until you have a few banners setup.
Action for pre-paid banners: 
Allow users to edit banners: 
Top banner monthly price: $
Bottom banner monthly price: 


Your Banner Rotator system offers an online, easy to use Banner Creator! This is the coolest program! What if a visitor wishes to advertise their business on your site and they do not have a banner image to display with their business? Well, for some of you, you might have lots of graphics design experience and can whip them up a banner ad easily. But others are not quite this advanced and will need a little help. This area offers several 'banner blanks'. A banner blank is an image in the correct image size that is currently waiting for a business' name and slogan to be added to it. You can add new banner blanks, in addition to the ones already offered, as you wish. Now advertisers can can use the Banner Creator to add their Business Name and Slogan to the banner blank of their choice! Neat-o! 

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